Iceland Trek 2011

Many of this dedicated group were part of the 2010 Transylvanian Trek. This experience was so incredible they decided to brave the elements for a second time. Together with some first time trekkers, they trained for months giving up their time and their family to prepare. This trek was a different type of challenge from 2010. The trekkers had to climb up and down undulations, cross freezing, numbing rivers, wade through ice fields, cross high bridges, inch along narrow tracks, cross steep mountain trails and at the end of each day, erect tents to sleep in. The facilities were basic and they had to use outside sinks and coin operated showers and listen to the rain on the tents as they tried to sleep.

The scenery was stunning, picture postcard-like and that you only see in films. The camaraderie that developed over the days was deep and lifelong friendships were formed through laughter, tears and through the agony of the task ahead. Lisa surprised everyone by producing letters from home – a much needed tonic for them all resulting in an emotional response from the whole group.

Aims2Cure are incredibly grateful to all those involved who have shown such commitment, passion and motivation in raising money for our charity. So far, the figure raised is in excess of £40,000 and money is still being collected. This is an incredible achievement and Aims2Cure cannot thank these people enough for everything they have done.

This money will be used to fund research into finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis and for The Michele Elster Fund which helps MS sufferers cope with everyday by making their lives a little easier.

Below, some of those inspirational individuals who went on the Iceland Trek have put their feelings down onto paper together with some wonderful pictures.