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  • Unstoppable Aims2Cure Juniors

    Bella Margolis’ winning pitch to her year group meant Aims2Cure received the proceeds from the recent school fayre in May 2017. The school raised over £200 running different stalls. Multiple Sclerosis is a cause close to Bella’s heart as her father suffers from the condition and we were delighted to be invited into the school […]

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  • Aims2Cure Open Their Braid Bar!!

    Junior Aims2Cure were once again open for business. This time spending their day braiding and plaiting hair. We are so proud of Talia and Scarlett who raised £153 for Aims2Cure. How talented are our future!

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  • Jacalyn & Richard’s Amazing Wedding Donation

    In April, one of our fantastic Aims2Cure supporters, Jacalyn Sank married Richard Da Costa (see gorgeous photo above). In a phenomenal gesture of generosity, they requested that instead of wedding presents, guests donate to their charities of which Aims2Cure was one. Jacalyn’s late husband, Michael, suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and Aims2Cure were delighted to be able to […]

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  • Louis and Ben endure Tough Mudder 2015

    In May 2015 Louis Green and Ben Weisfeld raised over £2000 for Aims2Cure.  They undertook the gruelling Tough Mudder Challenge fearlessly attacking the 20 km mud course which tests physical strength and mental grit. The course is a team challenge allowing participants to experience exciting and thrilling obstacles in a safe and controlled environment and […]

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    During the Summer, the junior branch of Aims2Cure got to work.  They set up stalls outside schools and homes and sold to passers-by. Noone could resist stopping to buy from these delightful children. Aims2Cure think they are not only great little fundraisers but the future of Aims2Cure.  Well done!

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  • Iceland Trek 2011

    In July 2011, a group of 18 trekkers braved Iceland – the Landmannalaugar route is one of the most actively volcanic areas boasting volcanoes, sheer cliffs, glaciers, waterfalls, steaming lava fields, plunging fjords, boiling mud pools and sprouting geysers.

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  • Natalie cycled the 60 mile London to Brighton

    In July 2011, Natalie Jacobs, a long standing Aims2Cure committee member cycled the 60 mile London to Brighton bike ride with her son. She said “It took just over 6 hours of actual cycling through the beautiful and hilly British countryside.

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  • Transylvanian Trek 2010

    Many of this dedicated group were part of the 2010 Transylvanian Trek. This experience was so incredible they decided to brave the elements for a second time. Together with some first time trekkers, they trained for months giving up their time and their family to prepare. This trek was a different type of challenge from 2010. The trekkers had to climb up and down undulations, cross freezing, numbing rivers, wade through ice fields, cross high bridges, inch along narrow tracks, cross steep mountain trails and at the end of each day, erect tents to sleep in.

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  • Dragon Boat Race, Willen Lake, July 2009

    In July 2009, Julia Harris and Yvonne Eskenzi, both Aims2Cure committee members took part in the Milton Keynes Dragon Boat Festival held on Willen Lake, Milton Keynes.

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  • Sponsored Silence

    In 2009, Candi Altman (the 16 year old daughter of one of our committee members) raised £420 doing a 5 hour sponsored silence at her school.

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  • The Ameris Ben Nevis Climb July 2008

    In July 2008, Jason Conway and his team at Ameris Limited undertook the massive challenge of climbing Ben Nevis in Scotland in treacherous conditions.

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  • The adidas Women’s 5k Challenge

    At the start of September 2008, Ilana Epstein and Linda Epstein ran the adidas Women’s 5k Challenge in Hyde Park and together raised over an amazing £3900 for Aims2Cure. The 2008 adidas Women’s 5K Challenge is a fun run for women of all ages taking place in Hyde Park, London; the City Centre, Birmingham; and Sefton Park, Liverpool.

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  • Natalie does a skydive

    In June 2010, one of our longest serving committee members, Natalie Jacobs did a tandem skydive from 10,000 feet at The North London Sky Dive Centre in Cambridgeshire to raise money for Aims2Cure.

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